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Some of the questions/comments received were:

  • "Don't know the history of how the Grumman Community got split up (preceded my involvement) but would like to see better communication/relations with the other organizations."
  • "Time to bring all Grumman owners/pilots together under one identity. Very disappointed by the ongoing feud with the GPA."
  • "General Aviation has enough challenges without an internal battle.  It is time to get along."

There were several other comments along the same line:

  • "When pictures are placed - have the names of the people involved."
  • "Less social, more technical, time for a new layout."
  • "I am not interested in the Social part - more technical, material that relates to insurance, legal, FAA actions that specifically relate to our aircraft."
  • "More stories from members"
  • "Very Satisfied, Keep up the good work."

President's reply:

In response to the many comments in the recent AYA Member survey regarding the GPA, Grumman Gang and the AYA – my position is:  I see the Grumman Gang as a conversational forum. There is some excellent advice from the “pros” and some things you need to sort out for yourselves. I have not signed into the GPA website and therefore I have no comment in regards to the stability, information and/or ethics of the organization.  I do not know how they report their "donations" to the IRS and/or how they are funded for their videos and website and/or how the funds are managed internally etc. I also believe it is time for all to move forward and leave the past behind us.

The content is and can be only be as much and as technical and social as those that send in the information.  During 2018, the Star content was:

Mar/Apr - 4 pages technical, 4 pages social, 1/2 page insurance

May/Jun - 1/2 page FAA approved, 5 pg - technical, 2 pg - social      

Sept/Oct - 1/2 pg Ins., 3 pg - technical, 3 pg - social - 2 pg travelogue 

Nov/Dec - 4 pg - Technical, 3 pg - social

The other pages were filled with various articles such as: financial, Presidents Column, scholarship, survey info, convention info, members items for sale/wanted, and our very important advertisers.  Same for naming people in pictures.  We are limited to 24 pages for each edition of the Star.  For the most part names are not sent in.  

The AYA is a membership association and just as there are those who want more technical - there are equally as many who want more social. I generally believe that it all balances itself out in the end.

There were also a number of very disturbing comments from you - the members, and I was astonished to read some of these. 

  • "I don't actually read the issues."
  • "No comment as I have never seen it."
  • "I am really not familiar with it."
  • "Off hand I don't really know what the American Star is."
  • "I don't know what the American Star is" 
  • "Is the newsletter the same as the Star?"
  • "Should be an online newsletter only and come more often."
  • "I am old fashioned and still like the paper Star."
  • "I personally found the Star more enjoyable when I received the printed version as I could read it at my convenience without logging into the computer."

The Star is published six times a year (Jan/Feb - Mar/Apr- May/June - July/Aug - Sept/Oct - Nov/Dec).  An email notice is sent out that it is available and to "click here" which will take you to the website where it is available for your perusal and/or download and printing.  If you have opted to receive the printed Star (extra for postage) you can still read the Star online and wait for your printed Star to arrive in the mail.

I agree it can be confusing when some call it the "Newsletter"  - The Star - the "Magazine".  We definitely need to get this down to one name.  The official name of the publication is The American Star and we will try and use that term exclusively in the future.

PLEASE: For those who do not know what the STAR is OR have never read it - CALL ME: (1-306-441-9525/1-306-385-2191) OR EMAIL ME: We need to talk!

Sharon Spence

GOPA President

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