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We are in the process of moving to the new web site,

The official unveiling will be during the online General Meeting on August 5- details will be emailed to members. Sorry for any inconvenience, for any commerce items you will need to access the new website.

Results of the Recent Naming Poll

After months of discussion on both the Board and Member level, the results of the New Identity program are now in. As of today, AYA will be known as: The Grumman Owners & Pilots Association (GOPA), “Building on our proud AYA heritage,” URL: 

The new identity salutes our heritage while expanding to include the broader Grumman family we have become.  It provides a more robust platform from which to launch our new marketing program to position our organization as THE Type Club for all things Grumman.

Total: 251 votes

Grumman Owners & Pilots Association (GOPA), “Building on our proud AYA heritage”,, 139 votes

Grumman Pilots International (GPI), ”Building on our proud AYA heritage”,, 84 votes

International Grumman Owners & Pilots Association (IGOPA), “Building on our proud AYA heritage”,, 28 votes

Covid-19 Virus and Fredericksburg, Texas

Due to the ever changing concerns and restrictions on our world regarding the Covid-19 Virus the AYA Board of Directors have moved the 2020 Fredericksburg Convention to May 10-13, 2021. 

NO AYA CONVENTION IN 2020, full text is here.

AYA Europe convention has been postponed to 2021, dates will be published when available.

Flying An AA1, (updated text)

by: Bob Reed, Safety Director
Having flown the AA5 series for 2 ½ decades, I have always been curious about the AA1 since I first saw one for sale locally in 1987. An Aviation Consumer article on the AA-1 series reported this, Continued here.

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Upcoming Events, see- Information, Upcoming Events for complete list.

Grumman Limbo at BMX
Valley North of Dillon Montana
Local residents watching the Grumman Games at FYV
Flour Drop judges for the Grumman Games
Ice Cream Social, yea!
Spot Landing Competition
Rigged Pre-flight at the Grumman Games
Mountains from a new perspective
Thank you from the attendees at the 2009 Convention
Central Alberta prairie canola fields

The AYA welcomes you to its home on the web!

Thanks for stopping by!

Here you will learn about the organization, it's mission, along with viewing some photos and videos of a few of the exciting events that have occurred. The AYA organizes events for its members, which are conveniently located in varying areas around the regions. These events include fly-in brunches, overnight flying destinations, annual fly-in conventions, or exciting cross country adventures .

The AYA exists to serve its members.

As an active worldwide organization the American Yankee Association provides a unified avenue for those who own, operate, or just have an interest in the American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace, AGAC and Tiger Aircraft. The AYA is open to everyone regardless of aircraft ownership or flying experience. The only criteria to join us is the desire to share the passion of flight.

The American Yankee Association (AYA) is the official owners group for all models of American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace, AGAC and Tiger Aircraft. AYA was initially formed in June, 1976. The original concept focused on the model AA1 "American Yankee," with owners of subsequent two- and four-place models accepted as "associate members." This was changed almost immediately to include as full members all of the two-place owners, and, in 1978, the bylaws were amended to include all of the other models built by American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace. In 1989, these aircraft were returned to production by the American General Aircraft Company (AGAC), and remained in production until 1994. Tiger Aircraft revived the line between 2001 and 2006. In honor of the original aircraft, the Yankee, designed by Jim Bede, the name of the organization has remained "American Yankee Association." The name has a long history that is well-known by numerous publications and organizations which have dealt with us over the years.

Join The AYA!

Membership is open to all owners, pilots, and enthusiasts of the entire aircraft product line, ranging from the AA1 through the GA7. All memberships include the spouse or significant other of the primary member. Our policy on partnership-owned airplanes is that all partners not of the same household should join as individual members.

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The Benefits Of Membership
      Besides the personally rewarding camaraderie with other members, AYA events, and a myriad of other benefits, inside our website you will find:
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