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AYA Pilot Familiarization Program(PFP) Instructors

Pilot Familiarization Program

The PFP is designed to give new Grumman owners a comprehensive checkout in their new airplane from a Grumman experienced CFI.

While Grummans aren't inherently more difficult to fly than other types, they have a number of unique characteristics and handling qualities that make a thorough checkout from a qualified instructor more than just a good idea. In fact, completing a PFP checkout makes the new Grumman pilot eligible for insurance discounts through the AYA Insurance Program from Viviane Hibbler.

The PFP is a "Train-to Proficiency" program, and as such, does not require any specified number of hours. Time to complete will depend on the individual pilot's background, experience, and current proficiency.
For more information, and for a referral to the PFP Instructor nearest you, or, if you are a CFI and are interested in becoming a PFP Instructor, contact the PFP Director here.

Instructor Qualifications
Qualifications for becoming a PFP Instructor Include:
- A current CFI certificate.
- A minimum of 25 hours PIC in Grumman light singles.
For further information, please email the AYA PFP Director here.

For further information about a possible instructor in your area, please email the AYA PFP Director here. Potential 'students' will make their own arrangements with their chosen instructor.

Click for List of PFP Instructors.

Cockpit Cool
Cockpit Cool is a program for non-pilots who want to know more about the operation of the airplanes they frequently fly in, and would like to know what to do in case of pilot incapacitation. This free program is presented at the AYA annual convention, and consists of two hours of classroom instruction. Topics Include Basic Aircraft Control, Communication, Navigation, and Emergency Landings.
For those who wish to, we arrange a Cockpit Cool training flight with a PFP Instructor, typically in the airplane the "student" usually flies.

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