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Safety First, and Always

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together in good fellowship those who share a common bond of affection and interest in the American Yankee, Model AA-1, and its descendants, Models AA-1A, 1B, 1C, 5, 5A, 5B, GA-7, AG5B and Tiger aircraft. 

Furthermore, it is to provide a forum for owners and pilots of Grumman American aircraft to exchange information on parts and aircraft availability and to further the education and exchange of methods, ideas and modifications concerning the operation, maintenance and characteristics of these aircraft.

The AYA exists to serve its members.

As an active worldwide organization the American Yankee Association provides a unified avenue for those who own, operate, or just have an interest in the American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace, AGAC and Tiger Aircraft. The AYA is open to everyone regardless of aircraft ownership or flying experience. The only criteria to join us is the desire to share the passion of flight.

The American Yankee Association (AYA) is the official owners group for all models of American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace, AGAC and Tiger Aircraft. AYA was initially formed in June, 1976. The original concept focused on the model AA1 "American Yankee," with owners of subsequent two- and four-place models accepted as "associate members." 

This was changed almost immediately to include as full members all of the two-place owners, and, in 1978, the bylaws were amended to include all of the other models built by American Aviation, Grumman American, and Gulfstream Aerospace. In 1989, these aircraft were returned to production by the American General Aircraft Company (AGAC), and remained in production until 1994. Tiger Aircraft revived the line between 2001 and 2006. In honor of the original aircraft, the Yankee, designed by Jim Bede, the name of the organization has remained "American Yankee Association." The name has a long history that is well-known by numerous publications and organizations which have dealt with us over the years.

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For questions, comments or suggestions
regarding the AYA in general, please contact:
Sharon Spence, President, +1 (306) 441-9525

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Stew Wilson, AYA Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 1531
Cameron Park, CA 95682, +1 (530) 295-7158, fax- +1 (530) 387-5200

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Don Metz, AYA Webmaster

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