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Midland, TX Fly-in

  • 23 Sep 2017
  • KMDD


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Fellow AYA'ers

Summer is giving away to fall conditions, and that means we need to fly more!  Maybe even fly somewhere we might not normally go.  Let's go west for this next fly-in to Midland, Texas, KMDD, on Saturday September 23rd.  We'll have lunch at Michael's Charcoal Grill, a long-standing BBQ and hamburger joint known for big portions, and an amazing aviation-related theme.  To get an idea, click on this link and check out the short video  -

We'll have some space reserved in the meeting room in the back.  

Plan to meet on the ramp at Basin Aviation at 11:00 am.     Local AYA'ers Ronnie and Sharon Jones in Midland have offered up their two cars to provide transportation to/from Michael's Charcoal Grill!  Can't ask for much more hospitality than that!  Big thanks to them for providing local support!.   Also note that runways 16 and 07 are Left Traffic and 34 and 25 are Right Traffic. Occasional biz-jet traffic too.   The airport is non-towered, and Midland International is just to the west, but I've always had great experiences with ATC in that area.  With two long runways perpendicular to each other, the wind shouldn't be an issue, but be aware that the elevation out there is higher than most of our normal lunch runs.    

Please email me at with head count and tail number, and we'll be looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Kat Wells

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