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Rockport, TX, 2014 AYA Convention

41 photo(s) Updated on: 13 Mar 2017
  • Flour Bombing Target
  • Local newspaper convention article.
  • John Sjaardema discussing maintenance item.
  • Some of the door prizes.
  • Wingtip recognition/landing light idea of David Fletcher.
  • Event Briefing
  • AYA Scholarship fundraising.
  • Social time by the pool.
  • Ronnie and his mile of Grummans.
  • View from the hotel.
  • Guy and his Warner mount system.
  • Dusty Crophopper competition.
  • Flip Flop Flip competition.
  • Grumman Limbo action.
  • Shiny and neat.
  • Door prize donors.
  • Ice Cream Social.
  • Staging for a flying event.
  • Mr. Chick Magnet.
  • Cockpit Cool Course attendees and instructors.
  • Spot Landing competition.
  • Grumman Limbo fans.
  • Seafood Buffet, yum.
  • Name That Part competition.
  • Banquet table center piece.
  • Convention mentioned in the local newspaper.
  • Spot Landing judges.

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