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Northeast Variety Pack

14 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Mar 2017
  • "I can understand high wings for this guy."
  • "Do not install your temp prob here - dont ask"
  • "Gil says good-by to his O320 core"
  • "Hey how did this get in here? Thats not a Grumman!"
  • "Small gathering in Reading PA for lunch"
  • "Some fine looking tail-draggers"
  • "Test run of O320 for 1HY"
  • "Here is where it all started"
  • "Hey dont be leaning on that wing."
  • "Intis at Smoketown"
  • "Three Grumman Pilots at Smoketown"
  • "Proud of the new paint 2007"
  • "FAASteam Safety Presentation @ 57N 2011 - Bob Reed"
  • "Steve Roberts N641HY Smoketown PA"

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