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12 Oct 2021 11:08 AM | Don Metz (Administrator)

Consumer Aviation is looking for Grumman Owners and Pilots to tell their story about their aviation experiences.  They are asking for any and all of:

Pictures:  Engines/Panels/Interiors,  Planes  (Static or Flying),

Stories:  Why you fly a Grumman?, Experiences!,  Races/Fly-ins/air-air

Aviation: How you got into it and why you continue to fly.  

Anything and everything (within reason) is acceptable.

.  They did a write-up in 2017 about the Grumman and it's owners and received three (3) stories.  Let's make it 23 this time and fill their magazine!!!

They need high resolution and send full size NOT REDUCED!!! to small in an email. Deadline for Larry is October 27, for our Editor anytime is good.

Send to: Larry Anglisano, Editor at:


or bob.reed1@comcast.net

and editor@grummanpilots.org

I look forward to seeing your write-ups and pictures. 

Cheers to all and hope this world will get back to some sort of "Normal!!" soon.

Sharon Spence, President, Grumman Owners & Pilots Association

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