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Transients are welcome to camp on the field under the wing, which we did when holding a Recreational Aviation Foundation 'Weekend Away' event here. Entrance to the Everglades National Park Visitor's Center is a short walk from the FBO and justifies a visit all by itself. The FBO staff are very welcoming, a walk into town is short and rewarded by the many historic (aka: old), nicely restored private homes. In the 70's, the Feds (FBI, DEA, ATF) blocked off the one highway and essentially arrested the entire town, due to its heavy drug trafficking - check youtube.come for an interesting video of that time. This is an interesting, historic and unusual destination, worth a visit whether using a bike or on foot. Just mind the winds on short final and be ready for a short'ish runway. Visiting on a windy day is a blessed choice; no skeeters. 
Jack Tyler
RAF Florida Liaison
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X01 for Stone Crab claws 
If you love stone crab and love a short runway then this is the place for you. Everglades City is the southern most airport on the west coast of FL, before the Keys. Rent a bike at the FBO for $5/day and head to the fishing pier. There are a couple of restaurants run by the fishermen. Beware: mosquitoes are deadly during the warmer months.
Mr. Rob Patten

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