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Can anyone attend an AYA event?

ABSOLUTELY! Though AYA events are created and hosted for the benefit of AYA members, anyone is welcome to attend.

If you are not an AYA member, but would like to attend an AYA event, click on the Event link, if registration is possible for that event click on the REGISTER link. CONTACT the host of the event OR email the AYA Secretary (Stew Wilson) OR use the Contact Us page.

How do I pay my membership dues?

There are two ways to pay your membership dues, either by sending a check to the Secretary, or by credit card.

To pay via credit card, while logged in click on your name. This will take you to My Profile. Click on the green RENEW TO DATE box. Follow the instructions.

Send check payments to:
Stew Wilson
                                         Secretary AYA
                                         PO Box 1531
                                         Cameron Park, CA USA 95682

Where can I find past AYA newsletters?

In order to access past issues of the AYA newsletter, you must be an AYA member and logged into your account on the web site.

Once you are logged into the web site, an additional menu item will appear titled Member Menu. Within the Member Menu area is a link titled Newsletters, click on this link and you will find a listing of all past newsletters.

How do I submit an AYA video?

Send a link to your video to the webmaster for consideration.

Can I recommend an AYA event on a social network site?

YES, in fact we encourage everyone to recommend our events on social networking sites. This helps us get the word out!

Visit the Upcoming Events page whose link is located under the Information menu item. At the top of each listed event, you will see a button for sharing the event on different social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Mouse-click the site you wish to share the event on and the event will be posted.

NOTE: Social networking sites usually require you to have an account in order to post recommendations.

Can anyone join the AYA?


AYA membership is open to anyone who shares an interest in the amazing world of flight. Though the majority of members are owners/pilots of 'Grumman Family' airplanes, we welcome and have members who own/fly other manufacturer aircraft, along with those who do not own and/or pilot any type of aircraft.

To join the AYA, simply...

JOIN ONLINE by filling out the application, found by selecting the On-Line Application link found beneath the Join Us menu item...

OR JOIN VIA MAIL by filling out the Printed Application, found by selecting the Printed Application link found beneath the Join Us menu item.

How do I find a Grumman specific flight instructor in my area?

There are two ways to locate a flight instructor with Grumman experience:

1. Contact the AYA Pilot Proficiency Program (Click Here). The AYA PFP specializes in providing type specific training based on the Grumman aircraft.

2. Visit the Member Directory page whose link is located under the Member Menu item. Change the search filter to CFI and click SUBMIT. The page will display all of the AYA members who are CFIs, along with their contact information and home field.

NOTE: In order to access the AYA Member Directory, you must be an AYA member and logged into your account on the web site.

How do I host an AYA event?

Contact the webmaster with the details to have the event listed. Events will also appear in the AYA Star magazine.

How do I opt out of an AYA event?

Contact the event host.

Contact Us

For questions, comments or suggestions
regarding the AYA in general, please contact:
Sharon Spence, President, +1 (306) 441-9525

Membership Related:
Stew Wilson, AYA Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 1531
Cameron Park, CA 95682, +1 (530) 295-7158, fax- +1 (530) 387-5200

Website Related:
Don Metz, AYA Webmaster

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